I won’t take credit for writing this as I didn’t, but if you’re approaching anyone be it an investor or a potential lead you should consider all the points.

Try and make sure that the first two sentences that come out cover off a couple if not all of the points below.

Before you make any contact, your prospect is in this situation

  • I don’t know who you are
  • I don’t know your company
  • I don’t know your company’s product
  • I don’t know what your company stands for
  • I don’t know your company’s customers
  • I don’t know your company’s record
  • I don’t know your company’s reputation
  • Now… What was it you wanted to sell me?
  • From: http://www.salesdnaltd.com/blog/what-was-it-you-wanted-to-sell-me/#more-388

    It would be great to read your pitches in the comments below..

  1. Hi Duncan,

    Great to see you reusing our post. We are always flattered when people take the time to share out ramblings. Oh – just so your readers know – we didn’t develop that either! The blog post explains all.

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