If you’re getting into programming one day will come where you need to learn linux. For me that day is close if I want to keep up my side hobby of learning to code. So I’ve been looking at different places I can learn linux online, ideally ones which can be followed by a beginner and not a hardcore coder.

rc-carDespite actually co-founding a managed hosting company I’ve never actually spent much time learning linux (I was mostly doing Bus Dev, Marketing, Ops…) or how to do anything of useful in a command line.

This turned out to be a bit of a trip up point a few years ago when I wanted to learn Ruby on Rails and found that while I could code and script the basics…actually getting it to run on a server was a whole different ball game!

Recently I asked Alasdair who was (and still is) the MD & CTO at EveryCity who know quite a lot about the subject about my SysAdmin shortcomings he simple said ‘You need some lessons, it’s easy, you’ll be fine’.

So I asked myself: What online resources are there to learn linux online for complete beginners?

Here’s the list of the best I’ve found:

A list of other resources can be found here on Fr Stephens Blog.


Online Computer Science Courses

Not technically linux but contain linux and important concepts of computing and probably not a bad module to add to your education on your Linkedin profile.

Course reviews here. Courses support from openstudy.com here.


Any other suggestions? Add them in the comments!

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