user experience design

Now I need to start by saying I am not an expert in UI/UX design.

What I have discovered is that within every company or product I’ve started or worked on it’s essential.

When it’s ignored you:

  • Lose customers to bad experiences
  • Waste money on product development and sales
  • Miss obvious opportunities to get & retain customers
  • People get angry with your company/brand/product because it’s not as good as it could be

Importance of UX by Bryce Glass from an image of his on Flickr

The Importance of User Experience - Bryce Glass

Where to start

While I’ve had experience building mobile and web apps the purpose of this article is to bring together my findings and tools that I’ve used to help me, like many others I am still only really just starting this journey…

As a basic start the nice people at Usabilitest have just released an easy to use site audit tool for homepages.

It’s based on the 247 UI guidelines found on the Userfocus site which I believe were put together by Dr. David Travis.

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