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There are two things that I’ve noticed in the last 24 months that companies are terrible at and today I have a data backed example of why it makes a difference.

  1. Companies rarely focus on communicating effectively/delivering value via marketing with existing clients and known contacts.
  2. The act of engaging with your clients/contacts/past prospects significantly influences your growth.


Would your customers choose you first?

Before I get into the data, this part is very important.

At the end of last year I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeremy Miller the author of Sticky branding for a podcast.

The focus of his work is ensuring that your customers choose you first. By that he means that when they have a problem that they think to call your company first to fix it over your nearest competitor.

Other than the obvious requirement to be a leader in your category we covered another hugely important area.

That is to: consistently deliver value to your prospects, even when they are not ready to buy. So that when they are, they think of you first and call you up.

A large proportion of companies I’m in contact with fail to understand this key concept. Those that do understand it more often than not, fail to execute on it.


Some initial data

I want to find more data on this but as I have some first hand I’m happy to share it. While it is based on a B2C product, the same rules generally apply for B2B.

Below is the iOS app store rank data for a sailing app I built a few years ago.

What it shows is that the last time the app ranked anywhere interesting overall or in the Navigation category of the app store was in 2014. Mainly in 2013.

After the data I have explained why I believe no ranks haven’t been achieved since. Even in sailing paradises like the Caymen Islands, St. Kitts & Nevis.




Engage, engage, engage, engage

If you maintain a conversation with your audience they will keep remembering you. They will recommend you to their friends and talk about you to friends, colleagues and other prospects.

What changed between 2013 and today for the sailing app?

The main and only real thing that changed between 2013 and today was that we stopped emailing the existing users. This was mainly due to bandwidth, I simply didn’t have the time to engage the audience.

That simple act of sending a single engaging/useful/interesting/relevant email once a month to the users keeping them abreast of changes and updates kept them on-board (excuse the sailing pun).


A B2B example

Last week one of my the business units of a client surprised me. After talking about engaging their client base with useful content for years, one of their team produced an exceptionally useful tool kit for their audience.

Their intention wasn’t to sell it but to give it away for free as a taster for other products.

What’s more they plan to follow up the free useful content with a well written and useful blog post and two webinars!

Email send report

A whopping ~45% of the people who opened the email downloaded the content. And of the 101 people who did open only 3 said they didn’t want to receive these types of email again.



CRM Data

Tracking in SalesForce and hooked up to Act-On (disclaimer I’m an APEX Agency Partner of Act-On), we now get an awesome view of who is and is not engaged.

Note: Before the send it was no-one and scores were mainly zero!



Drilling down to a contact level view

I can see that this person is clearly interested in what the client has to say.


We’ll continue to track and build a picture of who is and isn’t engaged through this campaign and the next.

A simple question for you…

This should be self answering…but which of your contacts, past prospects or clients are most likely to recommend you to a friend OR choose you when they next have a need?

The ones who you talk to OR the ones who you ignore?


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