Startup Data Analytics & Metric Tools

If you feel like you’re making decisions without knowing the full picture then join the club.. Today I’ve been looking at getting some better analytics from inside our database. To date this has been done in Excel. Now we’re hitting decent user sign up rates, tracking and reporting everything is beginning to take up too […]

MRS against social media listening without consent

The source of the contention is The Market Research Association (MRS), who, in a recent discussion paper have said that social media listening should only be conducted with the explicit permission of users. I found this following a conversation and a blog Leonard Murphy from Greenbook blog on market research, his article and thoughts can […]

Cloud Productivity War: Microsoft goes down and Google releases two new killer features

There is a war on and it’s clear who the two main players are at the moment. Microsoft is the incumbent and Google is the cheeky contender. I thought I’d add a little coverage to this as it’s quite interesting to watch. Quick disclosure: I currently work promoting both of these products and these views […]

Three good Cloud Computing Podcasts

These guys have some good commentary on cloud computing, worth adding to your podcaster/itunes. Cloud Computing Podcast Good commentary on cloud news and events and key topics. This is a really good one if you’re at any level of an organisation looking for a ‘no-hype’ look at cloud. RSS: Cloud Cafe Interviews with cloud […]