Why Digital Agencies steal from FinTech Startups to feed starving Corporates!

Ok, maybe a little clickbaity as a title. But fundamentally this concept is true from an innovation perspective.

How Google does OKRs

If you haven’t heard of OKRs then you need to do a read up on them. They are a simple way to cascade┬áthe organisations goals across teams and individuals and then track the progress against those goals on a week to week basis.

Why Users Perform Actions – Full Intro to Fogg Behaviour Model

Getting people to do things (perform behaviours) is really difficult.

Here is a quick intro to one of the people you need to know about, BJ Fogg.

How to increase sales with a few simple emails

All to often companies forget about some really easy and basic principals that can help them win in the mind of the customer.

Here I’ve worked through two examples (with data) to help illustrate how simple actions can help you grow faster.