My top 5 business books to date

I try and thumb through anything between one and four business books a month. Over the years I’ve read some great and not so great ones.. Recently I’ve been doing a lot of reading for a new podcast on TightShip that I’m running. Below is a list of books that I would highly recommend reading […]

Are Startup Weekends Worth It?

In October and November I went to Launch 48 in London and Startup Weekend in Manchester. Both of these are great events within their own rights but there are some things that should be considered if you’re planning on heading to a startup weekend. If you’re new to startups or are just getting started.. I’ve […]

Adding file upload to a website

So one thing that people often want to be able to do is to embed a file upload to their website. Over this weekend we created a website file uploader which anyone can add to their website without needing to code. While this isn’t necessarily a really obvious problem to solve, web developers, small businesses […]

Reduce product failure by asking questions

If you’ve read Lean Startup this will be familiar and useful. If you haven’t it could be life changing. I just listened to an interesting interview on Mixergy and it covered a nice approach around how to reduce the likelyhood of failure when launching new products. In the last five years I’ve lots products and […]