MRS against social media listening without consent

The source of the contention is The Market Research Association (MRS), who, in a recent discussion paper have said that social media listening should only be conducted with the explicit permission of users. I found this following a conversation and a blog Leonard Murphy from Greenbook blog on market research, his article and thoughts can […]

How Bands, Musicians and Singers can get more fans and become famous

I wrote this for a lovely (and good) singer I met in Brussels a few weeks ago. I was interested to see that she didn’t really do any personal marketing. It was her thoughts that to become famous she’d need to impress someone upstairs and so I wrote her this email: Your general goals This […]

Experiment: Twitter Usability – A new users first experience

I thought I would share my results from a quick experiment written up in A-level style science experiment. I did in my own home with the help of a normal Dell computer, a regular mother and some internet. Note: This is a long post ~2k words and is intended for anyone who is involved with […]

Boxee will make you fight for the remote

Most of what I’ve read about Boxee has been about what it does and not what impact it will have. I foresee a small potential bump in the road not for the people over at Boxee but in your living room. The issue relates not to software or hardware but more to over specialised/niche content. […]