Outbound Calling: How To Open A Cold Call

The first 10 steps, 10 seconds, 10 words spoken are crucial in any interaction. On the phone it’ll make the difference between you having a great conversation and getting pushed off. A little context…I’ve been working over the last few weeks on an outbound call campaign. While listening in to the calls we’ve been hacking […]

Reduce product failure by asking questions

If you’ve read Lean Startup this will be familiar and useful. If you haven’t it could be life changing. I just listened to an interesting interview on Mixergy and it covered a nice approach around how to reduce the likelyhood of failure when launching new products. In the last five years I’ve lots products and […]

Soft selling, sales without cold calls

Thought it would be good to follow up on the cold calling tips that I put out about two years ago.. Over that time not only has my approach changed but so have the people I’m calling. Here are some thoughts based on my own experiences of selling and being sold to. Things I hate […]

Sales: Telling your friends what you do

We’ve been doing some training down @ Techlightenment and there are quite a few key things that have come out of it. One of the keys being that what you & your organisation do needs to be easy to understand and memorable. It tends to be that we over complicate what we do and what […]