“Product is Hard” by Marty Cagan at Lean Product Meetup

Marty Cagan heads up SVPG (Silicon Valley Product Group) and is a veteran product leader. This 1h46 talk of his at the Lean Product Meetup 25th January 2018 is really great stuff. He shares some of the key insights from his book ‘Inspired’ which is a worthwhile read if you want to be a real […]

Best in-depth summary of Product Management that I’m aware of

@danolsen‘s talk for Google Ventures is still one of the best summaries of good product management in practice. If you’re aware of any better please let me know.

UI/UX Design for Startups (and anyone else who’s a non pro) – Part 1

Now I need to start by saying I am not an expert in UI/UX design. What I have discovered is that within every company or product I’ve started or worked on it’s essential. When it’s ignored you: Lose customers to bad experiences Waste money on product development and sales Miss obvious opportunities to get & […]

Where to Learn Linux Online for Beginners

If you’re getting into¬†programming¬†one day will come where you need to learn linux. For me that day is close if I want to keep up my side hobby of learning to code. So I’ve been looking at different places I can learn linux online, ideally ones which can be followed by a beginner and not […]