Why settings and permissions could kill your B2B product

It was the third call of the day: “Duncan, do you think you could help us set up this new client? We’re can’t figure out how to add permissions so that they can edit their content…” This was the topic of conversation for over 6 months. As the product became more popular and more clients […]

Do your metrics make you feel uncomfortable?

A while ago a client asked me into their office. “Do you think you can help us set our mobile strategy for our the next version of our app?” When I looked at the reporting that was being generated it was all but meaningless. They were what is well coined as ‘vanity metrics’, created to […]

My Product Management Course Blackbook 2018

I’m a big believer in keeping knowledge fresh and up to date. Whether that’s a course, event, YouTube video or a good old fashioned book. In this article I run through some of my favourite places to learn about product.

My eBay UI/UX Teardown & Redesign

The My eBay area is a UI/UX horror show which I’m not sure has been revisited since eBay launched last decade.