My Product Management Course Blackbook 2018

I’m a big believer in keeping knowledge fresh and up to date. Whether that’s a course, event, YouTube video or a good old fashioned book.

Some of the best content that has left lasting impressions on how I approach my work have been from free or near free content. Career wise I’ve found some certifications useful from a CV perspective but less useful from a content perspective.

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My eBay UI/UX Teardown & Redesign

The My eBay area is a UI/UX horror show which I’m not sure has been revisited since eBay launched last decade.


myebay before 2

Current My eBay

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Best in-depth summary of Product Management that I’m aware of

@danolsen‘s talk for Google Ventures is still one of the best summaries of good product management in practice. If you’re aware of any better please let me know.

How Google does OKRs

If you haven’t heard of OKRs then you need to do a read up on them. They are a simple way to cascade the organisations goals across teams and individuals and then track the progress against those goals on a week to week basis.

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