I decided to look up some camera stuff today and came across a couple of interesting accessories. I hunted out things that were affordable for someone who’s new to filming. They’re all pretty affordable ±£60/$100 and seem like a good place to start tooling up..

Pistol Grip
Handy and not quite as bulky as a full steadycam


Mini Dolly

Love this little dolly could be really cool to do cityscapes..

Accessory Cage
If you’re trying to figure out how to mount your LED, your mic and all the other gadgets you’ve got. As well as a slighly more steady camera mount then this might help.

Hague Steadycam
If you like running around with your camera running then you’ll probably eventually want to not have the picture looking like the cameras mounted on a jeep bounding through a rainforest..

Rode Videomic
I’ve used this one in a lot of my interviews. It’s great at picking up clear front audio and ignores a lot of background noise. Which is great for a lot of situations where your subjects that are talking are infront of the camera.

Nice simple review here:

Rode Stereo VideoMic
This is a new option from rode and is a general purpose mic to replace the onboard one. I’m not sure I’d spend the money on this purely because for most of my filming I only want to pickup audio from infront of the camera.


Rodes own flashy promo

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