So a quick look at the best landing page builders.. This week I’m putting together some landing pages for a lead gen campaign for a B2b client. Currently they receive almost zero inbound enquiries.. As a quick immediate solution to that and to help build an opt-in mailing list we’re putting together some landing pages to capture leads and build up a bit of an email list.

lead gen with landing page buildersWhen to use a landing page app builder

  • Search PPC
  • Banner Ads
  • Linked from email campaigns

Landing page builder vs your website

  • Drag and drop interface – No coding needed
  • Built in A/B testing
  • No distracting links
  • No worry about how the landing pages fit in the hierarchy in your site

My ranking

1= Unbounce – The most expensive but good features for the more advanced page builder

1= Lander App – Quite a new comer to the scene but very good and cheaper than Unbounce to start

2. Kickoff Labs – Also new but the pages still lack the finish that the other options have


Unbounce – Best for a Pro

Pros: Easy to use for the more technical landing page builders, lots of features, pretty decent A/B testing, sub-accounts allowing internet marketers to give clients and teams access, pretty slick interface, nice templates

Cons: More expensive than other options. Basic plan doesn’t include full features and lots of upgrades can make it expensive if you’re just starting out.

LanderApp – Great for newbies

Pros: Super simple to quickly build pages, no cost for unlimited landing pages (custom domains requires paid account), no extra costs

Cons: Umm their interface is really great?

Kickoff labs

Pros: Good for coming soon pages and email list building pages

Cons: Not so good for more complex lead gen, quite expensive vs LanderApp/Unbounce compared to the features



I like both LanderApp and Unbounce as landing page builders. I actually have accounts with both as I’m torn between which I like better. It’ll probably end up being Unbounce as it allows 3rd party access to a limited set of pages which would be good for my clients.

If you want to know more about landing pages, check out this post which has an awesome 101 of  landing pages.

  1. VERY timely review for us. Which would you say is the best for creating viral campaigns?

    Also great to see all three companies magically appear for your review.

  2. @Titus I’m not sure I understand, it might help to understand a little more about what you want to achieve..

    admin (Author)
  3. I’m curious why is not included in this review. I think it’s superior in ease of use, pricing, etc.

    Tyson Quick
  4. @Tyson. I don’t think I came across it at the time of the review. Thanks for mentioning it. I’ll update the article when I have a moment to review it.

    Duncan (Author)
  5. Hi Duncan! Thanks for your review about LanderApp! And thanks for your comment about the simplicity and speed of Lander’s editor. We would like to tell you some changes that we’ve made recently. We included a new plan from ($9/mo), but also you can now try any of our paid plans from Starter (9$/mo) to PRO ($130/mo) absolutely for free for 30 days. We invite you to try our 30 Day Free Trial and to take a look to our new templates and categories.
    If you want to know more about our changes please visit our new site:

  6. I didn’t like how the Unbounce trial required that you enter a credit card number right away. I only like giving the credit card number if I’m 99% sure I’ll continue using it.

    Lander is cheaper and lets you sign up very quickly, I really enjoyed that.

  7. Hi Duncan,

    Great article, but also omits Clickthroo. Happy to take you through the Clickthroo platform when it comes to you updating the article if we could also be considered?


    Dave Bird

  8. Hi Duncan! Thanks for the mention about LanderApp. We are pleased that you can create pages in a simple a fast way.
    We invite you and your readers to try our 30 Day Free Trial and to take a look to our new templates and categories.
    In case you have any question or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to send them to us here: Regards!

  9. Great post. We have used all three at I think Lander is the best though for a startup just testing the waters.

  10. Sure thing. This article looks like it hasn’t been updated for a while 🙂


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