Getting people to do things (perform behaviours) is really difficult. BJ Fogg is a person who has really pushed research in this area and has simplified and codified it to a point that makes it very easy to understand.

He works at Stanfords Persuasive technology lab and is Fortune magazine thinks that he’s one of the ‘10 guru’s you need to know‘.

This aspect of behavioural design is phenomenally important in business strategy, change management, marketing, product management…. If you can’t get people to do things, life will be hard.

I implore you to research him online, google him, read his papers and understand how the very simple models work.

Mindmap overview of how behaviours work


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Nice summary of the Fogg Behavioural Model

By Nate Schloesser

BJ Fogg explaining the behaviour model in 2min30s

And again.. (hint google fogg behaviour model)

BJ Fogg at TED on Tiny Habits

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