Feathering in Pixelmator is very much off regular topics. However nobody seems to have explained how you do this so here goes.

Step 1: Use the Wand tool or a Selection tool to select the image you wish to feather

Step 2: Click Edit => Refine Selection

Step 3: Choose the amount which you would like to feather by & click OK

Step 4: Click Edit => Invert Selection

Step 5: Click Edit => Clear OR Hit backspace

That’s it really very simple. I stumbled across this and couldn’t find any resources or guides feathering in Pixelmator hence this quick post.

  1. I just cannot do this?!! I’ve searched help sites and still cannot figure out what in the world am I doing wrong? I followed exactly the above. When I hit Invert Selection the selection tool has ants around my selected picture and the border of the background layer. When I hit clear, nothing seems to happen. So I have the selection tool ants still selected and I still cannot see any feathering either 🙁
    Any suggestions?!

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