Google wants to kill the IT Manager?

I was going to write an article about how IT departments need to change and embrace cloud, sadly I accidentally deleted the post, then Google announced chromebooks. Chromebooks Chromebooks are easily managed estates of laptops, Googles dream being that everything runs through a browsers. Pros: On the face of it they seem very easy to […]

Experiment: Twitter Usability – A new users first experience

I thought I would share my results from a quick experiment written up in A-level style science experiment. I did in my own home with the help of a normal Dell computer, a regular mother and some internet. Note: This is a long post ~2k words and is intended for anyone who is involved with […]

Set-up Free WordPress Backups in 1 minute

If you invest any time in your WP blog you should back it up. It doesn’t matter if your host already does it two copies is better than one, especially if yours is stored on your PC or inbox that you have instant access to. I did this, I’m not very technical and it took […]

Google Wave = Bad, Zenbe Shareflow = Good

I like alot of Google products. However I have to say even for a Beta (especially from Google) Preview I am not impressed with Wave. I do like the concept though and came across Shareflow from Zenbe which I think is a ton better than Wave here’s why: Zenbe Shareflow vs. Google Wave -You can […]