Reduce product failure by asking questions

If you’ve read Lean Startup this will be familiar and useful. If you haven’t it could be life changing. I just listened to an interesting interview on Mixergy and it covered a nice approach around how to reduce the likelyhood of failure when launching new products. In the last five years I’ve lots products and […]

Cloud Productivity War: Microsoft goes down and Google releases two new killer features

There is a war on and it’s clear who the two main players are at the moment. Microsoft is the incumbent and Google is the cheeky contender. I thought I’d add a little coverage to this as it’s quite interesting to watch. Quick disclosure: I currently work promoting both of these products and these views […]

Three good Cloud Computing Podcasts

These guys have some good commentary on cloud computing, worth adding to your podcaster/itunes. Cloud Computing Podcast Good commentary on cloud news and events and key topics. This is a really good one if you’re at any level of an organisation looking for a ‘no-hype’ look at cloud. RSS: Cloud Cafe Interviews with cloud […]

Google wants to kill the IT Manager?

I was going to write an article about how IT departments need to change and embrace cloud, sadly I accidentally deleted the post, then Google announced chromebooks. Chromebooks Chromebooks are easily managed estates of laptops, Googles dream being that everything runs through a browsers. Pros: On the face of it they seem very easy to […]