Simple Amateur Video DSLR Accessories

I decided to look up some camera stuff today and came across a couple of interesting accessories. I hunted out things that were affordable for someone who’s new to filming. They’re all pretty affordable ±£60/$100 and seem like a good place to start tooling up.. Pistol Grip Handy and not quite as bulky as a […]

How to: Feathering in Pixelmator

Feathering in Pixelmator is very much off regular topics. However nobody seems to have explained how you do this so here goes. Step 1: Use the Wand tool or a Selection tool to select the image you wish to feather Step 2: Click Edit => Refine Selection Step 3: Choose the amount which you would […]

Free WiFi in Brussels

Free WiFi in Brussels, This is perhaps a little off topic to what I’d usually post.. I needed somewhere to keep a record of the free wifi points in Brussels and this seemed like a good place to put the list as any. All of these locations are places where you can hang out happily without being […]

MRS against social media listening without consent

The source of the contention is The Market Research Association (MRS), who, in a recent discussion paper have said that social media listening should only be conducted with the explicit permission of users. I found this following a conversation and a blog Leonard Murphy from Greenbook blog on market research, his article and thoughts can […]