Best in-depth summary of Product Management that I’m aware of

@danolsen‘s talk for Google Ventures is still one of the best summaries of good product management in practice. If you’re aware of any better please let me know.

UI/UX Design for Startups (and anyone else who’s a non pro) – Part 1

Now I need to start by saying I am not an expert in UI/UX design. What I have discovered is that within every company or product I’ve started or worked on it’s essential. When it’s ignored you: Lose customers to bad experiences Waste money on product development and sales Miss obvious opportunities to get & […]

Where to Learn Linux Online for Beginners

If you’re getting into programming one day will come where you need to learn linux. For me that day is close if I want to keep up my side hobby of learning to code. So I’ve been looking at different places I can learn linux online, ideally ones which can be followed by a beginner and not […]

I want to learn to play ukulele – Would you be interested in doing it with me?

I’ve been wanting to learn to play the ukulele for a while. One thing that I think would help would be to have a friend to learn with me at the same time. Is this something you’d be interested in? – Cost: £25 for a ukelele – Time: 30 minutes per week – Effort: Pretty […]