What does a product owner do?

This is a really great video I came across from @JoeCotellese‘s blog. It really doesn’t need much more explanation.

UI/UX Design for Startups (and anyone else who’s a non pro) – Part 1

Now I need to start by saying I am not an expert in UI/UX design. What I have discovered is that within every company or product I’ve started or worked on it’s essential. When it’s ignored you: Lose customers to bad experiences Waste money on product development and sales Miss obvious opportunities to get & […]

The Three Layers of User Feedback Design

Getting user feedback design right is quite (very) important. It might be obvious to state but if you don’t ask the right questions (or any questions at all) you won’t get the right answers… …This week I’ve been working on a product which has a large content component. Content is created for users/subscribers to simplify […]