My Product Management Course Blackbook 2018

I’m a big believer in keeping knowledge fresh and up to date. Whether that’s a course, event, YouTube video or a good old fashioned book. In this article I run through some of my favourite places to learn about product.

My eBay UI/UX Teardown & Redesign

The My eBay area is a UI/UX horror show which I’m not sure has been revisited since eBay launched last decade.  

14 of the Best Website Email Capture Entry & Upsell Popups

Awards for popups! Awesome!! While perhaps not the most prestigious awards in the world. And some people think the marketers that create them should be hung drawn and quartered…I’m going celebrating the best of 3 months of hunting the web for these little nuisances.

Getting people to perform actions (Like buying your product Or changing their behaviour)

Getting people to do things (perform behaviours) is really difficult.

Here is a quick intro to one of the people you need to know about, BJ Fogg.